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'Aghani Al Mosalsalat' show brings nostalgic Arabic TV Soundtrack to life

Updated: Feb 12

Aghani Al  Mosalsalat show

Fans of Arabic TV drama have only this weekend to buy tickets and watch the Aghani Al Mosalsalat show, scheduled to run at the Al Mayassa Theatre this weekend, from 31 August until 2 September. The show is sure to take audiences on a journey back in time to relive cherished melodies from the region's most beloved TV shows.

Brought to life by Qatar Tourism as part of its Summer in Qatar campaign, Aghani Al Mosalsalat is a Kuwaiti live production that will be shown in Qatar for the first time. It promises an immersive nostalgic experience, with live orchestra performances and clips from popular Arabic TV shows.

The show, which seamlessly blends music and visuals over two hours at the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), features a 50-member ensemble of composers and singers, all under the esteemed guidance of renowned Kuwaiti maestro Khalid Noori.

Some of the classical TV drama series featured in the show include Years of Loss, Price of My Life, Zwara Khamis, Fayez Al-Tosh, and Another Day, among many other beloved TV shows.

The first night of the performance last Thursday features an awards ceremony that will recognise renowned Qatari actors featured in popular Arabic TV series. They will be celebrated in a live concert.

Tickets are still available online at


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