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Getting to QNCC? Here are your options!

Travelling to a new place can be overwhelming. Navigating through traffic, understanding the public transportation system, or simply deciding the best way to get to your destination can be daunting. However, getting to the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), one of the Middle East's premier meeting venues, has never been easier!

Let's explore your options!

1. By Car

If you're someone who loves the independence of driving your own vehicle, the road to QNCC is quite straightforward. Nestled in the heart of Education City in Gharafat Al Rayyan, QNCC is easily reachable from Doha via Al Luqta Street and Al Huqoul Street. Make sure you have the map or GPS set and follow the road signs. Once you reach QNCC, you'll find ample parking space to conveniently park your vehicle.

2. By Metro Rail

Do you prefer to avoid the city's hustle and bustle, leaving the driving to someone else while you sit back, relax, and maybe catch up on some reading? The Metro Rail is your best bet. Convenient and efficient, the Qatar Metro's Green Line has a stop at the Qatar National Library Station, which is a stone's throw away from the QNCC. This hassle-free mode of transport will take you to your destination while you enjoy the city's panoramic views along the way.

3. By Taxi or Uber

Hailing a taxi or booking a ride through Uber is an excellent option for those who want a quick and direct trip to the QNCC without having to worry about directions or parking. Simply use the destination pin "QNCC public pick up drop off" and let the professional drivers handle the rest. This option allows you to be dropped off right at the entrance, saving you any extra walking or navigation!

4. By Education City Tram

Last but not least, the Education City Tram is a fantastic and eco-friendly way to reach the QNCC. A service run by Qatar Foundation, the tram not only connects different parts of the vast Education City but also provides a unique, scenic, and relaxing commute to the QNCC. Hop on the tram, and you will be dropped off right at the QNCC tram station, which is only a few steps from the convention centre.

No matter what transportation method you choose, getting to the QNCC is easier than you think. Whether you are in town for a conference, an exhibition, or just a day out exploring the architectural beauty of Doha, the QNCC and its numerous transportation options are ready to welcome you! So why wait? Choose the option that suits you best and enjoy your journey to QNCC.

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